Sensory rehabilitation

Sensory rehabilitation

Do you have numbness or unpleasant sensations that limit your ability to carry out your activities of daily living, household tasks, work or leisure? We can help!


Sensory rehabilitation of neuropathic pain is a method that aims to evaluate and treat cutaneous(skin) sensitivity disorders in order to normalize sensation.

Thus, by correcting hypersensitivity and/or hyposensitivity, neuropathic pain decreases in the patient, which often positively influences his or her quality of life and function in activities of daily living. 

Lucas Melgares, occupational therapist at Physiothérapie Boisbriand, has completed the Claude Spicher Sensory Rehabilitation Method training in 2023 and is qualified to accompany you in the evaluation and application of this pain-free approach.

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CONDITIONS TREATED (not exhaustive):

All conditions with the following symptoms:  

  • Numbness/tingling;
  • Loss of sensitivity (hypoesthesia);
  • Burning sensation;
  • Electric shocks; 
  • Increased pain on touch (hypersensitivity or allodynia).

MODALITIES USED (not exhaustive):

  • Progressive and personalized stimulation program;
  • Changes in activities;
  • Education on the associated symptomes of the condition.
  • Education regarding the Sensory Rehabilitation Approach;
  • Listening and psychosocial support;