Myofascial Approach

What is the Myofascial Approach

The myofascial system is made up of several layers of fascia, it is an elastic tissue that is enormously widespread in the body.


Composed of collagen fiber, it serves as a second skin to several structures of the body, including muscles, tendons, bones, nerves and even organs.

The fascia is organized in the form of a chain linking several regions of the body together. A slip between layers of fascia is essential to ensure smooth mobility.

In addition, it is a tissue that has the characteristic of being very reactive to stress suffered such as injury, surgery, etc. It is also known to keep them in memory. As a result of stress, it can become tense and stiff, which creates myofascial adhesions and pain. The myofascial approach aims to loosen these adhesions.

In the clinic, following the evaluation, the therapist will apply fascia chain release techniques according to your condition. Myofascial release has several benefits;

  • it releases tension,
  • it decreases pain associated with stiffness,
  • it promotes optimal sliding between the layers of fascia,
  • it increases circulation and
  • it improves range of motion.