Physical Therapy

Physiotherapists at Physiotherapy Boisbriand work collaboratively with you to help you understand your condition, as well as determine your treatment priorities. Their primary goal is to allow you  to return to an active life as quickly as possible and regain your maximum physical ability in order to return to your sports and leisure activities.

Occupational Therapy

Following an assessment of your condition, activities, and environment, the occupational therapists at Physiotherapy Boisbriand will help you regain your independence.


At Physiotherapy Boisbriand, each patient is treated in a unique and personalized manner. As a result, you benefit from a professional approach that ensures gentle treatment while respecting the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy primarily aims to release tensions in superficial and deep tissues to help the body move more freely. It is a therapeutic treatment that involves treating or relieving pain through manual techniques and sometimes using various therapeutic ointments or oils.


Acupuncture is a comprehensive approach that brings many benefits, both physical and mental.

Orthopedics and physiatry

We offer consultations in orthopedics and physiatry!