Prescription of X-Rays by Physiotherapists

Prescription of X-Rays by Physiotherapists

Since 2020, physiotherapists holding a certification from the professional order of physiotherapy in Quebec are authorized to prescribe x-rays to their patients in private clinics.


X-Rays are covered by RAMQ (Quebec Health Insurance Plan), so patients will not incur any additional costs at the radiology clinic.

Certain conditions apply:

  • The patient must have experienced a trauma (fall, impact, etc.) within 72 hours prior to their physiotherapy appointment.
  • It must be a musculoskeletal injury (arm, leg, spine, etc.).
  • The physiotherapist must conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s condition.
  • The patient must not have consulted a physician for the same condition before their physiotherapy appointment. In such cases, if the physiotherapist deems that an x-ray is necessary, they will refer the patient back to the physician with a note recommending imaging, and the physician will have to prescribe it.
  • If the patient has not previously seen a physician, the physiotherapist will include the physician’s contact information on the prescription, ensuring that the physician also receives the imaging report.

In the event that:

  • The result is positive: indicating a fracture or other significant finding, the physiotherapist will ensure that the patient receives follow-up with their physician, another physician, or refer them to the emergency department.
  • The result is negative: the physiotherapist can continue the treatment plan with the patient (thus avoiding an unnecessary medical visit, and allowing the treatment plan to resume more quickly).

For more information, please visit: Prescription de radiographies par les physiothérapeutes