Sensitive reeducation

Sensitive reeducation

The sensitive reeducation for neuropathic pain is a method aimed at evaluating and treating disorders of skin sensitivity. Its objective is to normalize sensation. This method can help reduce your discomfort/pain if you experience:

  • Strange sensations such as numbness, tingling, loss of sensitivity to touch on the skin (hypoesthesia).
  • Sensations of burning, electric shocks, and an increase in pain upon touching the skin (hypersensitivity or allodynia).

By correcting hypersensitivity and/or hyposensitivity, your neuropathic pain can decrease. As a result, you may see an improvement in your quality of life and your ability to perform daily activities.

The method is based on neuronal plasticity (the ability of the brain and nervous system to adapt), where we act on messages sent from our skin to the brain. Sensations or pain are treated directly from the skin using stimulation activities with textures, without increasing symptoms. Indeed, during this approach, your pain should not be exacerbated during treatment or during home exercises.

This method, existing for 15 years and based on solid evidence, can help reduce pain starting from the skin and improve your situation, even if your injury is several years old. Your occupational therapist will assess your condition and suggest an individualized and personalized treatment plan.

Physiotherapy Boisbriand Team